Viser arkivet for januar, 2016


Well we now have the men and women sat in their cosy offices tapping on their computers and telling us that because the Fylke needs to save money it would be a good idea to close 13 Health service Dentists !!! OK lets take the services away from the old and infirm and the Children .The dentist then will be a long way for an old person to go, an hour from Skei, and then its an hour back again, now I wonder if they can claim their travel costs to the Dentist ? Children, well that will mean a day out of school instead of maybe 30 mins for Vassenden children and 2 hours for Skei.. Just think it will not only be Jolster that will lose its Dentist, many other places as well. Oh it will be so much fun trying to get an appointment in Forde, don’t have tooth ache.
We are going to also have a cut back on snow clearing and Gritting. How they intend to save money there I don’t know. The last time I looked there was more grit on the kommune car park than on the the whole of South side.
Ahh a saving !!!! , stop cutting the verges twice a year, I don’t know why they are cut at all other than to paint white lines every 2 maybe 4 years .
But all these people live in or close to towns so most of the cuts will not affect them. Its always the people that live in the countryside that have to take the brunt of cuts .

Songkveld på Vassenden kyrkjesenter søndag 24.jan. kl 19.00

Velkomen igjen til songkveld.
Vi samlast for ein times song saman. Vi syng dei gamle, kjende salmane og leitar nysgjerrig etter nye skattar i den innhaldsrike salmeboka. Nils Helge Friborg trakterer pianoet på sin friske måte og nokre av oss har øvd for å vere forsongarar. Kanskje får du høve til å ønskje din favorittsalme. Etterpå hyggjer vi oss saman rundt matbordet.

Kor blir det av den globale oppvarminga. ??????